“Floor Shadow Series” 2018. Eye shadow pigment, TAFA Museum, Tianjin, China. “Blue Green Transformation” 157″ x 118″, “Yellow Gray Transformation” 130″ x 141″

Installation View, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, 2017

“Lay Back and Enjoy It”, Installation views, dimensions variable. 2017. Lipstick, wood & metal. ShoshanaWayne Gallery.

“Lay Back and Enjoy It”, Installation views,closeups and detail from production. 2017. Lipstick, wood & metal. ShoshanaWayne Gallery.


 Cosmos Small copy“Cosmos” 2013; Eyeshadow, aluminum, plexiglass; 65” x 48” x 2 5/8”.


Cosmosdetail2 small copy“Cosmos” (detail)


Particle Dispersion

“Particle Dispersion”  & detail: “Triple Hex Pink” 2013; Plexiglass, cosmetic pigment. Dimensions variable.

Cockeyed, 2013“Cockeyed”, 2013; Eyeshadow, aluminum, plexiglass 72 1/2” x 57 1/2” x 2 5/8”. Private Collection



Cell: Interlocking Construction, 2010; Pigment, cosmetic compound, plexiglass; Los Angeles County Museum of Art “Cell: Interlocking Construction”, 2010; Plexiglass, & cosmetic compound,144″x125″x53″; Los Angeles County Museum of Art


UntitledHomageCassatt copy “Untitled: Homage to Mary Cassatt” 2010; Soap, bergamot essence; 51″ x 97″


#17FadeToBlack copy“Fade to Black Through Twilight” 2010; Eyeshadow, aluminum, Plexiglass; 67″ x 50″ x 4″; Collection of Jeffrey & Marla Michaels


 Stills from "Pour"“Pour: Transitional States” 2010; Stills from performance


 Cryofield “Cryo-Field” 2001; Water, pigment, refrigeration panel; 32″ x 12″ x 6″

 One to one

Installation Shot: “One to One”,1998-1999; Eyeshadow and aluminum; 120″x96″x2″. Rolla Collection, Switzerland


Temple of Apollo, 1998; Eyeshadow, aluminum, backed enamel, steel

Temple of Apollo, 1998; Eyeshadow, aluminum, backed enamel, steel; 49″x79″; Private Collection


Untitled 1992

“Untitled” 1992; Eyeshadow & aluminum, 54.75″x16.25″x1.25″. Whitney Museum of American Art


Broken Glass, 1992; Blown glass, 9 pairs and broken pieces, Private Collection“Broken Glass”, 1992; Blown glass, 15 pairs and broken pieces, Dimensions variable; Private Collection



Burnt Bunnies“Burnt Bunny”, 1993; Burned hand-made wooden figure & 2 photos; Figure approximately 48″.  Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles


Red Not Blue

 “Red Not Blue”,1992; Stills from performance




Bravado, 1993 “Bravado”, 1993; Elongated cello, handmade case, Cello: 134″x18x15″  Case: 31.5″x19.5″x16″. Collection of Peter Norton


Installation view, Denver Museum of ConteInstallation view, Denver Art Museum  of “One Month Late”, 1992 & “Untitled: Urinals”, 1992. Denver Art Museum



Fawbush, NY Installation View 1995Fawbush, NY, 1995; Installation view


Homage to Carl Andre 1991“Homage to Carl Andre (light and dark)”, 1991; Lipstick and wax, Orange County Museum of Art


Under the Influence, 1992“Under the Influence”, 1992; Ink on glass, 6 panels, 44″x44″x12″ Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Lipstick Cube, 1990“Lipstick Cube”, 1990; Cast lipstick, 8″x8″x8″; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles


Wish You Were Here, 1990“Wish You Were Here”, 1990; Sandblasted mirror, 16″x52″; Collection of Peter Norton


Charcoal on Paper

“Charcoal on Paper” 1989; Burned Wood, paper, 8′ x 15′; cube 4′ x 4′; Israel Museum, Jerusalem